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What is multi vendor shop? This is shop which has many sellers. For example, popular Amazon or Ebay are typical multi vendor stores.

And today I will explain some ways how to build multi vendor shop on wordpress and Rehub Theme. First of all, install Woocommerce plugin. Please, read our section for woocommerce in documentation.

Second plugin which you will need is vendor plugin. All plugins are good and supported by theme. All of them have own advantages and negatives. Dokan has much better design, store list, frontend form even in free version of plugin.

It has also many cool, nice designed addons, like booking addon, geo addon, invoices, etc. Free version is very limited.

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WCFM is best if you need maximum functions. Even free version has more functions than PRO versions of other plugins. WCFM has a lot of unique addons and it has compatibility with most of popular woocommerce plugins. For example, you can create membership site with unique vouchers, hotel site, tour site, site where vendors can sell bundles, parts, like computer services or rent services. If you need very specific things — use WCFM, it has everything which you ever can imagine and highly customizable.

All addons are also very cheap. Negative side — design and UI of some pages can be outdated in plugin in comparison with Dokan. For example, price tables and membership pages can be too different from design of your theme. But good news, we customized design of store pages, membership pages, price tables and many other things in plugin to make it more clean and better fit to site design on Rehub. My most favorite is Membership addon.

Create a Full-fledged Multivendor Marketplace with WordPress

I like how fast this plugin and easy to use. WC Marketplace also has option to show multiple vendors per one product in free version of plugin. WC Vendor — is one of the first vendor plugins on wordpress. They develop plugin not so fast as their competitors, not so much addons and not the best price. But it has own good sides.

It has most simple design with minimalist in mind. Do you need PRO version of plugins or free? Plugins have fully functional free version of plugins which are extended by theme.

So, check free version first. Then, decide if you need PRO. Maybe it will be better to spend some money for addons of plugins. Please, check documentation of vendor plugins for initial setup, then, come back to this article and read about additional secrets and improvements which you can have on site with our theme.

If everything is ok, this page must have shortcode. Copy url of this page, you maybe need it in future. By default, woocommerce and vendor plugin will create several system pages. I recommend to change their template, because it looks strange when Account page has sidebar.WCFM lets interested vendors apply on your site through a registration form. However you can choose to manually approve them or auto-approve them just as soon as they register.

Here are the steps for the same:. Step 1: Click on Register or become a vendor option in your site. If you do not have membership, then a general form will be browsed as shown below:.

How to create multi vendor shop on wordpress

Step 2: Opt for membership plan if setup and proceed with the subscription, settings of the membership plan is discussed below. Incase membership plan is not set then you will be prompted to either setup the store OR continue to setup the store from Vendor Dashboard.

Step 3: After the initial application for being a vendor is approved then the vendor can setup the store by store-setup-wizard as shown below. Note: You can also skip these steps in wizard and go directly to the dashboard like here:. As a vendor, you will get a number of options from the Dashboard left-side panel to configure and setup the store accordingly.

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Note: You can also skip these steps in wizard and go directly to the dashboard like here: As a vendor, you will get a number of options from the Dashboard left-side panel to configure and setup the store accordingly.

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wcfm vendor login

Recent Posts Commission: Product Level commission. Commission: Category level commission. Commission: Vendor level commission. Commission Tax settings Commission: Additional General settings. Recent Comments.You may set up unlimited membership levels example: free, silver, gold etc with different pricing plan, capabilities and commission. Membership feature list is very important as membership levels will be created on the basis of this.

You may create any no of features. You will have the full flexibility of styling your membership page to match with your site template. You may define default membership level, on recurring subscription cancel vendors will be auto-assign to this default level. Admin will receive email notification on new subscription and pending approval request. You may manage admin email content from here as well. You may define totally different commission setting for each membership level — this is going to be a super feature for you.

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You may create totally different capability group with all flexibilities example: product limit, categories, product types etc for each membership level. On approval subscriber will convert into store vendor and a welcome email will be triggered. WCFM — Membership. You may create unlimited membership plans with all the flexibility. First setting up Membership payment options.

You will have the full control over membership display order as well. You may create unlimited membership levels with all the different flexibility. Allow to disable a plan anytime. You just have to set value for previously defined features. Fully flexible payment option. You can assign different capability module for each membership level. User may choose either payment options at the time of subscription. Admin will have a notification for Vendor Pending Aproval.

You will have a fully flexible membership plan table for your vendors. Membership thank you page on successful subscription with direct link to Front-end dashboard.

WooCommerce Bookings with WooCommerce Frontend Manager

Vendor may cancel their recurring subscription from here as well. Vendors may change or upgrade their membership plan anytime from here. Quick Find.We offer you a panoply of cutting-edge solution.

On any days, we provide 6 hours turnaround time to reply every query, even in our busiest schedule. All you need to do is to reach us either via our support forum or WordPress. WCFM — how this will going to change your marketplace?

Check here for compatible plugins. You will also have styling option to make WCFM dashboard more look alike your site appearnce. Now we are added exclusive support with the most popular themes. All we want is love. We are extremely responsive about support requests — so if you face a problem or find any bugs, shoot us a mail or post it in the support forum, and we will respond within hours during business days.

If you get the impulse to rate the plugin low because it is not working as it should, please do wait for our response because the root cause of the problem may be something else. It is extremely disheartening when trigger happy users downrate a plugin for no fault of the plugin. Feel free to reach us either via our support forum or WordPress. Really proud to serve and enhance WooCommerce.

The manual installation method involves downloading our eCommerce plugin and uploading it to your webserver via your favourite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here. Now everything alright. For quick reference refer to our user guide. Yes; WooCommerce Frontend Manager will work with any theme, but may require some styling to make it match nicely.

We are working hard to add support of all major WC-extensions. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. Translate into your language. View support forum.

Donate to this plugin. Skip to content WordPress. Check here for compatible plugins … You will also have support of Custom Fields and full flexibility to enhance WCfM in your own way.

Quick view — what will be on your dashboard? Be with us … Team WC Lovers. Installation Minimum Requirements WordPress 4.Once clicked, the user will be redirected to our default vendor registration form which has to be filled for vendor application. The default form fields shown in above screenshot can be changed as well.

As an admin, you can set the flow of vendor registration using the following options. Clicking on Registration Advance settings will redirect you to Settings page as shown below where you will have the following options marked in red box to configure basic registration without any membership plans discussed here. Additionally, it can also be set if the vendors require email verification by checking the option provided.

Registration fields: Similar to the basic options provided, the admin can set which fields are to be added and can also add any custom fields if required. Admin Notification: From here the admin can setup the notification emails which are triggered for new vendor registration and for approval.

Step 1: As a user who wants to get registered as a vendor, they will get a default form as shown below:. Step 2: After submitting the form, either the vendor can directly enter their dashboard, or they will have to wait for final approval from the admin. This can be configured from required approval option in Admin settings as shown below:.

If required approval option is enabled, then the user will get the following message on the screen:.

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Admin will get a mail notifying a vendor application which they will have to approve for allowing this user to be a vendor. Clicking on action button will open up the following pop-up for final approval or rejection. The admin has to perform suitable actions from the following table as shown below:.

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The same mail is also triggered is there is no approval process involved, in that case the application is directly approved and the vendor gets direct link of the dashboard —. Admin can also add the vendors manually from the admin dashboard by following these steps:. Overview Admin Configuration Form Fields. Was this helpful? Yes No. Admin Configuration.Start for free Try Our Demo. View All Features. We empathise with your problem and prioritize solving it at the earliest.

Have an issue? Contact Us. Say goodbye to unfriendly WordPress backend! Feeling tempted? Try Our Demo. Enjoy seamless integration with major WordPress and WooCommerce plugins. These powerful plugins when combined with WCFM Marketplace unlocks unlimited possibilities to shape your marketplace the way you like.

Etsy, Uber, AirBnb or eBay, you can adapt to any marketplace business model or go for a hybrid one like Amazon. Give your sellers the power to manage their business on-the-go.

Your sellers can now view and manage their store and orders whenever they want and from wherever they are. Check out our Smart Seller App.

Add more muscle to your delivery-based marketplace. This extension allows both you, and your vendors to manage their shipping through their own delivery team. Combine with the app for delivery boys, and you will have a complete shipping solution for your marketplace. Check it out Here.

Let your marketplace go global without the barriers of language. WCFM Marketplace lets you build your marketplace multilingual ready so that your business travels the entire world and reaches new zones. It is built for the SMEs. The core marketplace plugin is free with no time or usage restriction! And, you can further enhance your marketplace with our powerful paid extensions, which also do justice with their ROI.

They complain about too many limitations and restrictions. Read More. So far, I found no huge issues or bugs. So I bought all the add-ons because it was very inexpensive. The value that you get for the WCFM alone is wonderful. It is free! It has more features than the other marketplace plugins. Plus it is affordable.

wcfm vendor login

Definitely, recommend! I have been using another Multivendor application for several months. This is by far the best Multivendor software available.

We provide free migration from any other WordPress based marketplace solution, only to take your marketplace to greater heights! Easy, hassle-free migrations. Contact us now. A comprehensive comparison between two of the highest-rated multi vendor marketplace solutions.Devised to make marketplace management easier, WCFM Mobile Apps help vendors and their delivery teams manage their stores and deliveries from wherever they are and at any hour.

Explore features. Know the steps for whitelabeling for your very own version of Store Manager or Delivery app. This is the only best option available for if you want to build a multi vendor ecommerce store Sellers took you seriously if you provide them with a convenient app. They can manage quick stock and update prices. This app is now bugs Free. And technical support 5 stars.

wcfm vendor login

There is no option to rate more stars if not gladly. Keep it up please. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Coming soon on App store.

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Quick access anytime, anywhere. Real-time notifications. Forever Free unrestricted use. Experience Smart Accessibility… Explore our mobile app solutions for vendors and their product delivery team. Our Clients love us! Ashish Jha. Wonderful application and perfect assistance … Highly recommended!!!

Attilio Sanzone. Have a Query? Drop in your message and our expert support team will get in touch with you!

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