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Euphoria, increased sex drive, and tranquility are reported positive effects of GHB abuse. Negative effects may include sweating, loss of consciousness, nausea, hallucinations, amnesia, and coma, among other side effects.

Xyrem sodium oxybatea brand name prescription drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration FDA in for the treatment of narcolepsy, a sleep disorder that causes excessive sleepiness and recurring daytime sleep attacks.

It is the sodium salt of gamma hydroxybutyrate.

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Xyrem is a highly regulated drug in the U. It is a Schedule III controlled substance, and requires patient enrollment in a restricted access program. GHB is also a naturally-occurring metabolite of the inhibitory neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid GABA found in the brain.

The naturally-occurring metabolite GHB is present in much lower concentrations in the brain than those levels found when the drug is abused. As a result of fermentation, natural GHB may also be found in small but insignificant quantities in some beers and wines.

GHB is available as an odorless, colorless drug that may be combined with alcohol and given to unsuspecting victims prior to sexual assaults. It may have a soapy or salty taste. Victims become incapacitated due to the sedative effects of GHB, and they are unable to resist sexual assault. GHB may also induce amnesia in its victim. Common user groups include high school and college students and rave party attendees who use GHB for its intoxicating effects. GHB has also been postulated to have anabolic effects due to protein synthesis, and has been used by body-builders for muscle building and reducing fat.

GHB is bought on the streets or over the Internet in liquid form or as a white powdered material for illicit use. It is taken orally and is frequently combined with alcohol. Much of the GHB found on the streets or over the Internet is produced in illegal labs.

GHB may be adulterated with unknown contaminants that may worsen its toxicity. Xyrem is not available at regular retail pharmacies. If Xyrem is trafficked as a recreational drug, its status converts to Schedule I and it becomes an illegal drug. Only five percent of the parent drug is excreted via the kidneys.

However, immediate negative effects of GHB use may include:. GHB can have an addictive potential if used repeatedly. Withdrawal effects may include insomnia, anxiety, tremors, and sweating. Withdrawal can be severe and incapacitating. Combined use with alcohol, other sedatives or hypnotics such as barbiturates or benzodiazepines and other drugs that possess CNS depressant activity may result in nausea, vomiting and aspiration, and dangerous CNS and respiratory breathing depression.

High doses of GHB, even without other illicit substances or alcohol, may result in profound sedation, seizures, coma, severe respiratory depression and death.

Emergency department episodes related to the use of club drugs usually involve the use of multiple substances, such as marijuana, cocaine, and other club drugs, such as methamphetamineEcstasyor Rohypnol.

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