Drum and bass 2018

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The Netherlands About Blog Listen or download drum and bass, neurofunk, liquid, drumfunk, deep, oldschool, jungle mixes. About Blog Best Drum and Bass is a collective of DnB enthusiasts who want to help promote the music that we love in as unbiased a manner as possible.

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Every now and then we might cover something else from the wider world of electronica, but generally it's all about the London, England, United Kingdom About Blog One of the world's leading electronic music brands, the home of bass music. Find the latest news, interviews, uploads, live events, festivals and more.

Baltimore About Blog A chick that cares enough about dnb to have a blog about it, yea right. We feed you the greatest music and honest reviews. Post tunes, news, and anything else related to neurofunk artists.

About Blog The subreddit about the smoother side of DnB. Slovakia About Blog Doddiblog is the blog with electronic DJ mixes, mainly deep house, drum and bass, liquid funk, tech house, jackin house, downtempo I upload mostly recent mixes, but every then and now I upload older or rare mixes also. Be a fan of doddiblog means for you that you will stay informed about every new mix or change on doddiblog. About Blog Once I discovered you could record music there was no stopping me.

Recording tapes and records turned into making compilation tapes. Making compilation tapes turned into with help of Technics s recording mixes. Blog liquidaudionetwork. Hosted by Junglist Platoon. Facebook fans Blog destinyevents.Check out our selections below and let us know what tracks you think deserved to be in the top Groovy, high-energy, and oh so fun, this track has been making crowds go wild all year long. Exuding creativity, the track boasts a huge array of different sounds, all incredibly crisp and clean, put together in weird, unusual, yet totally intelligent ways — Culprate is nothing short of genius.

A suspenseful intro paints an eerie, slightly quirky picture, slowly building up into one of the most vibrant drops of Simultaneously murky and bright, the juxtaposition of his traditional neuro leanings and lively string plucks leads to a hypnotizing end result.

A quiet opening allows for the subtleties in their sound design to shine, capturing listeners the world over with just a few seemingly simple sounds before detonating into a visceral, rolling drop that is totally evil. Levela is another producer who has had a really strong year, showing everyone his versatility with a slew of releases on nearly every major label in Sinister and dark, Levela has created perhaps the dirtiest bassline ofand with a simple, rolling pattern, the track is an absolute stinker.

LSB has consistently proven his remarkably diverse talent over the course of his career, pushing quality over quantity each and every time. A frantic, frenzied intro sends shivers from the get-go, while the track slowly layers in new elements to the mix, highlighting their ridiculous sound design amidst the chaos. Things get pretty funky with the drop, and is a perfect fusion of two of the most brilliant producers of our time.

A tender piece from start to finish, the sheer amount of emotion infused into the track on its own is truly remarkable. Faint vocals add a raw touch to the graceful melodies and complex layers of the track, while the drop offers a sensational explosion of passion and feelings that reminds us of the true power of music. Music Review. Hip Hop. Indie Rock. Tech House.

Rampage 2018 - Andy C feat. MC Tonn Piper

Chill Dance. Club Night.

drum and bass 2018

Event Coverage. Travel Camping. Home Charts. Get Magnetic Ad-Free for 30 Days. Join Today. By Rhiannon McCarter.Mystery Machine Original Mix. Body Movin' Original Mix. CyantificShockOne. Can't Keep Me Down feat. Shystie, Sena Dagadu Original Mix. Cianna Blaze.

Brookes Brothers. Blaine Stranger. Smooth Original Mix. SynergyTeddy Killerz. MemtrixKoven.

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Tweakers feat. Ryme Tyme Original Mix. Mob Tactics. Off My Rocker feat. Saskilla Original Mix. Jaguar Skills. Gravitron Original Mix.

Arms of Mine Original Mix. An Image from the Outside feat. Toronto Is Broken. Set Me Free Original Mix. J Majik. Film Track Original Mix. Truth in the Skies feat. Innate MC Original Mix. Tonto Dub Elements Remix. The UpbeatsTrei. Dub Elements. With You Original Mix. We Got Love feat.Symptoms Of Corona. The Contractor. Digital Assassins. Grand Dark Audio. Push Audio. Tech Time. The Universal Sense.

Gonzo Instrumental. Cehennem BeatCEB.

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The Misadventures of Lakeway Part 3. Diffrent Music. Jungle Cakes. Human Zardonic Remix. ZardonicSkarlett Riot. Despotz Records. Danger Chamber. Hospital Records. Citrus Recordings. ChaserZombie Cats. Dispatch Recordings. Dungeon Kru. Liondub International. Onset Audio. Bad Influence.

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Vengeance Recordings. Javabass Recordings. Co-Lab Recordings. Nervous System EP. Critical Music. Do It! Essential Workout Tunes, Vol. LW Recordings. Young NRG Productions. District DNB. Mekaneck [Hack The Planet]. Task Horizon.

Evolution Chamber. Criss Chaos.Milovice, Czechia. Prague, Czechia. London, United Kingdom. Antwerp, Belgium. Tisno, Croatia. Oudkarspel, Netherlands.

Drum & Bass Awards 2018: The Results

Bristol, United Kingdom. From humble beginnings in the UK rave scene of the early s to its current place as a genre that straddles the musical underground and mainstream, drum and bass has always had a hugely devoted fanbase. DJs and MCs alike are idolised by those who favour a tempo in excess of BPM, and increasingly we're seeing festivals dedicated entirely to the genre, and lineups packed with a vast selection of drum and bass talent.

So after careful consideration, below is our pick of the ten best festivals for drum and bass lovers the world over. Where else to start but with the biggest drum and bass festival in the world.

The Czech Open Air festival boasts eight stages and over acts all dedicated to the genre in its various forms, so you'll be hard pushed to find somewhere with more drum and bass talent in one place. And as if that isn't enough, they do it all again in the Czech capital come winter for an indoor festival of slightly smaller but no less full-throttle proportions. From the team behind legendary label Hospital Records and its event brand Hospitality, this festival is the UK's first outdoor event dedicated solely to drum and bass.

Now over 15 years old, the festival calls itself "the original drum and bass holiday" where festival-goers from all over the world enjoy the stunning location, brilliant artists and inclusive atmosphere.

One of Europe's most famous drum and bass brands, Rampage have been hosting parties across Europe for over a decade.

Come 13th Marchthe 18th edition of the festival will kick off in Antwerp's Sportpaleis, the biggest of its kind in the country which will be filled be over 20, drum and bass fans.

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Lauryn Hill. One of the world's most flamboyant and creative festivals, Boomtown is separated into districts defined as much by their music as by their staging and production.

If you're a fan of jump-up drum and bass then the Innovation festivals are probably the ones for you.Although drum and bass can trace its origins back to the UK, it is now without doubt a global phenomenon.

The scene's biggest promoters, festivals and artists can be found all over the world, and the genre has enjoyed success both as a fertile underground scene as well as in the musical mainstream. The success of the genre in its many forms has enabled a number of acts to achieve significant success and recognition, both from those in the scene and from those outside it. Listed here, in no particular order, are a selection of acts that have taken this the furthest, gaining the most fans, followers and influence along the way.

His sticking-power is also enviable. The founder and boss of iconic label RAM Records has been a key figure in the scene since establishing the label and releasing seminal jungle track 'Valley of the Shadows' as Unknown Origins alongside Ant Miles way back in There aren't many drum and bass acts that could conceivably headline a festival not entirely dedicated to the genre, or even to electronic music.

Admittedly these poster topping appearances are more often for their live shows — complete with drummer and MC — than their DJ sets, but the feat is impressive nonetheless. Collaborations with Rihanna, Pusha T, Cee Lo Green, Kano, Tinie Tempah and hordes more bona fide stars are testament to how far the duo have come since first making music together at university over a decade ago.

Since then he has three full albums of his own, as well as countless other tracks and remixes, and has followed in the footsteps of others in the scene by translating his performances into a full-blown live show. Now seen almost as often behind synths as decks, the man has taken his sound across the globe and to thousands of adoring fans. Although the mainstream success of andwhich saw Sub Focus achieve a string of chart hits in the UK, has not been emulated since, the global reach and popularity of Nick Douwma has not waned in electronic music circles.

drum and bass 2018

Headline shows and festival appearances across Europe still make up a packed schedule for the DJ, who in will play everywhere from Amnesia in Ibiza to the iconic Glastonbury Festival. After fervent discussion and considered debate, it was deemed churlish to exclude Pendulum on account of their 'rock band' set-up and status.

Their place in the history of drum and bass already firmly cemented, the group have returned as a live outfit once more with murmurings of a new album on the horizon after a long time away. Although he has never garnered the mainstream success of some acts on this list, High Contrast has been an ever-present in the world of drum and bass for a decade and a half, and his ability to draw crowds is irrefutable.

Not many figures in drum and bass, or even the broader electronic underground of the UK, command as much respect and reverence as Goldie. Starting out as a graffiti artist, he became a rave pioneer in the s and secured his place in the history of British culture. He founded legendary label Metalheadz inand by the end of the decade he found himself appearing in a James Bond film. A true veteran of the scene, the Playaz boss has been at the forefront of DnB and jungle for a quarter of a century.

drum and bass 2018

He was the third DJ ever to record a mix for the now revered Fabric. Live series back inand for years held a residency at the iconic London club. Now up there with the true legends of the jump-up scene, the near year old is showing no sign of slowing down, with radio shows, festival appearances and worldwide tours celebrating more than two decades of Playaz.

See all of our drum and bass festival here. Festicket Magazine. All rights reserved. All discover. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Beach Outdoor Indoor City. Venues Beach Outdoor Indoor City. Popular Festivals.DJ Limited. Korsakov Music. Bryan Gee Presents: Future. V Recordings.

The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of 2018

Bassrush 4. Viper Recordings. Flexout Audio. LevelaJakesParticleKasra. Critical Music. AlcemistRepowEJ Kitto. DNB Allstars Records. Sub Focus. Virgin EMI. Jungle Cakes. Overview Music. Escape Velocity EP. ConvexHumanature. Rebel Music. ThirtyOne Recordings. New Drums Remixes. NaisGydraTeddy Killerz. Bad Taste Recordings. Critical Music : Unexplored Sonics. BreakTotal ScienceS. Computer Integrated Audio. RAM Records. Four Corners. Subtitles Music UK. Vision Recordings.


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Delta9 Recordings. Atlantic Connection. Liquid Lab. Dr Meaker. Souped Up Records. SerumS. Hospital Records.

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